1971 71 Pontiac T-37 Tempest like lemans GTO

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Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Black
Number of Cylinders:8
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I have decided to offer up for sale my 1971 classic pontiac muscle car.Over time i have made it into a potent street machine, currently setup as a streetlight brawler. With a 455, 3.90 gears, a rumpy cam, and lots of torque, it can be a ton of fun. Don't let the gears scare you, it's a unique car with GM's only sideloader OD trans, so you can still do some highway with it. EVERYTHING has been upgraded or touched at some point in the last few years. There really isn't an option that it lacks, everything is clean and it presents and drives well. It rides well and is tight, corners tight, and sits low. When i buy parts, i buy good solid well performing parts, as evidenced by the fuel pump, exhaust manifolds, etc you'll find on this car. This is not another 350/400 cu in automatic a body with OK paint and a nasty engine bay, or with slick paint but a crap interior.None of this car is a 10/10, but every aspect of it is an 8/10 or more.
The only couple minor issues are outlined below. If you are seriously interested in obtaining a fun muscle car that will turn heads and not be just another chevelle or camaro, this is the car for you. If you are a person that just has to have an option if it is available, this is the car for you. If you want to pull up to most other cars on the road and be confident you can embarrass them, this is the car for you. If you want a barret jackson investment car, this is not the car for you. If you want something factory correct and date coded as a restoration piece, this is not the car for you. I am detail oriented and trust only what is measured, that is why i have dyno results, an AFR meter setup, etc.
I am looking for an automatic 68-69 pontiac A body with endura nose, that's about the only trade i'd consider. I will of course consider reasonable offers with cash in hand, but i'm not letting go of this car for the price of a 350/350 chevy everyday malibu or base option lemans, nor entertaining offers or "what's the least you'll take" over the internet if you don't even have the money in hand you're offering. I have heated dry storage for it all winter and don't need to sell it now, but i'd like to before spring to make room for a 68-69 when i find one. Feel free to ask about details or if you need more pictures, i want you to know exactly what you're looking at. I have a lot of time, love, and money in this car but i'm ready to find what i've always wanted. You are welcome to come over and look and i'll take you for a ride. Cash in hand, you can drive and lean on it.
Pontiac 462 (455 .030 over) (not a numbers correct HO but more powerful than any production 455) Rebuilt about 1500 miles ago (B&B Machine, warren) - Forged RPM rods, forged pistons, balanced assembly.
Heads 6x-8, ported and decked, 2.11I 1.77E stainless one piece valves, clearance for 1.65 rockers all by Jim L./CVMS, custom oil pump work done by the same
HT-951 lifters, crower 120# springs, one piece pushrods, 1.65 scorpion roller rockers and XE284 cam, engine right at 9.3:1 static compression.
3/4" valvecover spacers, port matched intake with separated water X-over, custom curved and limited HEI unit, new balancer, alternator, water pump, PS pump, etc, once piece re-usable oil pan gasket,
RobMC 1/2" racing mechanical fuel pump,
850CFM Q-Jet custom built by Cliff Ruggles (Who literally wrote the book on Q-Jets, it's on amazon, go look.)
Chassis dyno at 361/416 at the wheels (20% loss 430HP/500ft lbs of torque, BEFORE correcting fuel curve, installing correct valvesprings, installing 1.65 rockers to better take advantage of the heads.)
GM NP440 (MY6) Side loader 4 speed trans.
Looks like Muncie but is actually an OD (only gm 4 speed OD trans), integrated reverse switch. Same yoke as TH350/4spd, same input as Muncie etc (10 spline input shaft), same length and speedo gears as Muncie/TH350/Etc.
Great with the 3.90 rear, can still do highway with light pedal no problem.
Gear ratios: 3.09, 1.67, 1.00, 0.73, Rev 3.00
Freshly rebuilt with bearings, seals, synchros, etc.
New hurst comp plus shifter with custom shift linkage using heim joints.
New Clutch/Flywheel/heavy duty throwout bearing and pilot bearing.
New clutch linkages, reverse lockout linkages, bushings, balls, etc.
All new driveshaft made and balanced by broadway service, driveshaft loop, new u-joints in last 250 miles.
8.5" 3.90 Detroit Locker Rear with upgraded Strange Eng. HD pinion, 1/2" wheel studs, new bearings, gaskets, seals, etc. rebuilt less than 3k miles ago by Jim at J. D. Race.
New Year One 17" one piece Ralleye II wheels with new nitto 555 tires, less than 2K miles. All new brakes all the way around (front power disc and rear drum with hidden electric vacuum assist pump AND storage can, out of sight behind battery. Can't hear when running) Stops fast and hard! ALL NEW PARKING BRAKE CABLES AND CONNECTORS! Works correctly like no old car seems to ever do. Braided stainless flex lines. EBC Yellowstuff pads.
Lowered 1.4" all the way around on eibach springs, new shocks, all new poly bushings everywhere, ALL NEW TUBULAR SUSPENSION ALL THE WAY AROUND WITH NEW BALLJOINTS, TIE ROD ENDS, BUSHINGS, ETC. Even tubular rear lower arm mount to frame bracessetup to handle and corner and not roll! Front and rear sway bars, and heavy duty trans mount.
Rebuilt FAST RATIO power steering box, connect to newly rebuilt TILT steering wheel with new switches, bearings, ragjoint, etc.
Fuel System:
Stock tank with RobbMC 1/2" fuel pickup/sending unit, 1/2" alum fuel line to RobbMC pump with vapor return, RobbMC Billet Alum. serviceable Racing filter attached to frame, 3/8" Line from fuel pump to Ruggles carb with no 90* fittings for fast fuel flow through metal line, no $2 cheap fuel filters or rubber line engine fires here!
New OVERSIZED ram air restorations (r.a.r.e.) cast factory headers connected to new r.a.r.e. 2 1/2" X-over exhaust with spintech mufflers, out to dual valance exit with new hangar, O2 fuel sensor, welded system not clamped.
The rest:
Old air products heat/AC connected to factory heat/ac outlets and factory heat/ac controls, smoothed firewall, aftermarket AM/FM/Aux input radio that didn't need dash drilled and whacked, buckets, console, RALLEYE GAUGES and not idiot lights! Hood tach, clock works and converted to quartz, 140MPH speedo, 99% new wiring harness (painless) with hidden fuse box, paint within last 10 years, bumpers within last 5, Air/Fuel meter system, interior in last 10 years, new windshield, trunk trimmed, 3 pt seatbelts, dual large row alum radiator, large OEM 7 blade quiet fan and new fan clutch. Car runs cool, likes to have pedal stomped, although i'm generally just a cruiser so it never gets run like it wants. Front dual center speaker, 6x9s in package tray. Subtle A/F ratio meter mounted under dash near front of console for easy tuning. Carb has APT system so you can adjust primary mixture with just a screw turn, secondaries can be adjusted easily by removing one screw to remove secondary rods and replace with thinner or thicker ones.
Known Issues:
Speedo reads 5-10mph high because it had a 3.42 rear and has 3.90 now. Oil and temp gauge read high because I haven't found accurate sending units (oil pressure is 15-20 idle hot, 50+ cruising and temp is 185-200 max). Paint is 8/10. Package tray has small tear, new starter needs a shim or two, reverse linkage could be fine tuned (sometimes pops out of reverse, adjustment rod just needs turned out.) Needs alignment, camber is a little too much (oversteer on long fast corners). Rear main leaks some (leaves small spot but no oil needs added between changes).Runs a little rich at WOT (no stumble or bog but A/F gauge shows about 12:1). I have driven on 87 octane no problem but usually run 89. Car is not real 455 HO nor is anything on it near original or stock. I replaced aftermarket speedometer with OEM one that had 99K miles on itinstalled at time of engine rebuild so true body mileage is unknown but mileage on odometer matches mileage on drivetrain!

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